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It's a new week, so I've decided to put into effect my New Week Resolutions. [smile] Expect new blog posts every Monday from now on.

Wayfarer is progressing pretty well. I'm working on a new chapter/section that takes Jack (my main character), Liira, and Bryant on a planet-hopping quest for a source of knowledge that will help them to defeat the Tyrant. On this quest they stumble upon the lost descendants of a group of Pesinoeans (children of the Ancients), of whom Jack is also a descendant. This group has been corrupted by the teachings of a former disciple of Yaldaboath (an Ancient who went mad). Jack gets himself accepted into the Clan, confronts and destroys their priest, and puts the Clan back in contact with their true heritage. They also find a cache of information left by the original Pesinoeans left stranded on that planet after the Cataclysm turned the universe on its ear.

This is still in first draft, and is progressing slowly due to other calls on my time, but it should breach the 10,000 word barrier this week, probably today. 

I am also working on reworking a short story I wrote last year called Yukihimenokamisama. I'm taking it from what was, essentially, a paranormal love story (but in no way a romance), and turning it a lot more mythical. This is the third draft of this story and I've only just begun the rewrite, but I do have, quite unusually for me (when working on a short story), a general outline. With the new schedule I've set up, I'm hoping to have the new draft finished by the end of the month.

I also have an essay I'm working writing on the topic of Human Rights which is coming along fairly well, but for which I still have some research to do. I'm hoping to have that finished by the end of the year. I would put more time into it if I could think of a market for it, but as, at present, it's just for personal interest, it has to take a back-burner to other projects.

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