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Writing through depression

Posted by Derek Chamberlain on Monday, July 3, 2017, In : Creativity and Life 

I want to say this right up front, I suffer from depression. It's something that a lot of people, not just writers, are dealing with, but it seems that mental illness  in one form or another is something that a lot of writers are facing. I’m a writer, and depression has influenced, and continues to influence, not just what I write and how I write, but my whole author career. 

Before we get into the meat of the topic, I’ve gotta cover my ass, so: I'm a writer and an ESL teacher, not a doc...

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Two and a half years of indie publishing

Posted by DJ Chamberlain on Saturday, January 7, 2017, In : Update 

It’s been a couple of years since I last posted here but I haven’t been idle. Most of my efforts have been dedicated to getting new books out and to developing the BSB site. At present, I have four books for sale on Amazon. There are a number of others on my hard drive awaiting edits. There was a fifth book available, The Cult, which has been unpublished. Read on to find out why.

It has been an amazing couple of years. So much has happened. So much has changed. In 2014 I was desperate for ...

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Going Indie

Posted by Derek Chamberlain on Tuesday, August 12, 2014, In : Publishing 

There's a perceived stigma associated with indie publishing amongst those not actively involved in it, a conception that it isn't 'real' publishing. This conception extends to ebooks too; if your book isn't in the corner store, it's not really a book, it's just a file on the computer and we all know they aren't 'real', after all, who of us hasn't lost a file to a computer crash? If self-publishing isn't 'real' publishing, and ebooks aren't 'real' books, then a person who self-publishes an ebo...

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Posted by Derek Chamberlain on Wednesday, July 30, 2014, In : Books 

I have just started an Indie Publisher called Black Stump Books in order to get my books out. 

The first book I am releasing is titled, Reaper Hawk: Battle Pits of D’nur. It is a Sword & Sorcery fantasy novella in which a young barbarian warrior leaves his home in search of a name and on a quest for his vanished friends and clan mates. His search for the truth takes him into the Battle-Pits of D'nur where he is forced to fight humans and beasts. His quest leads him into conflict with some o...

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The Ride

Posted by Derek Chamberlain on Monday, July 14, 2014, In : Update 

This is a bit of an update. I haven’t been posting a lot recently because I’ve been working my butt off getting words down. I’ve been putting in eighteen hour days for pretty much the last two months. Not all of that was writing, of course, I still have my day jobs, but every minute I wasn’t at those, my butt was in my chair and my fingers were dancing on the keyboard, or drumming beside it. [Grin] 

As long-time followers will know, I’ve been a part of the Magic Spreadsheet for abou...

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Are writers obsolete?

Posted by Derek Chamberlain on Tuesday, September 10, 2013, In : On The Web 

I read a comment on a university forum recently (sorry, locked forum, can’t provide a link) where one of the students commented: 

“The role of the writer in society is currently being questioned as a result of technology’s influence. The written word seems to be less important today than even twenty years ago…. Perhaps the oral storyteller became the writer and is now slowly turning back to its original form.” 

Now it’s true that vloging, podcasting, and audio books have really t...

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The State of Publishing

Posted by Derek Chamberlain on Thursday, March 8, 2012, In : On The Web 
This is a great blog post by Sarah Hoyt on the state of the publishing industry today, and what we can do.

There is hope, if we just close our eyes for a moment and realise that we're not chained to the back of the van.
[This comment will make sense once you've read the blog.]

Happy writing,


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