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Writing Seiji

Posted by Derek Chamberlain on Tuesday, November 29, 2011, In : Guest Blog 

by George Polley


Reading and Writing

I grew up surrounded by books. My parents were avid readers I’ve been an avid reader since childhood, especially adventure, humor and historical fiction. My mother had a whole shelf of historical novels by Louise Muhlbach (Born: Jan. 2, 1814 - Neubrandenburg, Germany, Died: Sep. 26, 1873 - Berlin) that I devoured. Grand novels about Frederick the Great of Prussia, Napoleon and Josephine, the Austrian Imperial Court, Henry VIII that I’ve never forgott...

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Posted by Derek Chamberlain on Monday, August 29, 2011, In : Novel 

[This is a re-post from my last Blog.]

I spent most of Saturday organising the research I’ve managed to get typed up. There is way too much of it, of course, and not enough. [grin] So I’ve managed to sort it out into some general categories, and split up the notes I wrote about different topics from the stuff I got from other sources. 

Talk about time consuming. Admittedly, it was almost fifteen years worth of research and notes, or, rather, research and notes that had survived several com...

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Posted by Derek Chamberlain on Monday, August 29, 2011, In : Novel 

I’ve been submerging myself into Wayfarer, which should be a good thing, and following some of Orson Scott Card’s advice on writing fantasy [from his book, 'How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy', from Writer's Digest Books]. I’ve been going back over the system of occult science I developed for my milieu, collating the various notes to make one comprehensive document; an “Introduction to the Occult Sciences”, written as by an historical figure from my milieu. That has been provi...

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Posted by Derek Chamberlain on Monday, August 29, 2011, In : Novel 

I spent most of the last several days putting my notes in order. It took that long because there were ten-year's worth of them—amounting to a little over a million words. Not surprisingly, sorting them has helped me to sort myself. This last week has seen the resumption of the flow of creative juices. Not all of them directed, thank god, at Wayfarer (my novel). That had been one of the problems I was facing before, that every idea I came up with tended to get sucked into the Wayfarer cosmos...

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Posted by Derek Chamberlain on Monday, August 29, 2011, In : Welcome 
Welcome to the new blog. Hopefully all the technical problems have been sorted and I'll be able to keep this one going longer than the last one.

 This blog is intended to be a record of my efforts towards getting my novel finished. Along with discussions about writing in general, I'll also be looking at books and other things that I've found useful, or not, for writing. 

I write genre fiction, for the most part, but I also write articles for publication in local magazines and newspapers. I wro...
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