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[This is a re-post from my last Blog.]

I spent most of Saturday organising the research I’ve managed to get typed up. There is way too much of it, of course, and not enough. [grin] So I’ve managed to sort it out into some general categories, and split up the notes I wrote about different topics from the stuff I got from other sources. 

Talk about time consuming. Admittedly, it was almost fifteen years worth of research and notes, or, rather, research and notes that had survived several computer changes over the last fifteen years. It only took me a day to organise it because it was already in a very rough order. 

I was pretty amazed at all the work I’ve put into this over the years. I’ve written a small encyclopaedia for my milieu, with histories, biographies, religious texts, occult textbooks, maps. Don’t get me started on maps. I’ve got a box full of drafts, and I’m still second-guessing myself on the end result.

I’ve got research on some pretty bizarre topics, too. The history of beds anyone? The invention of pipe? And the research never ends. I find that a lot of the reading I’m doing for uni is providing information more for my novel than for any essays I might write. [smile] But as that is, in part, why I’m at uni at all, that’s a good thing.

So, with my notes and research organised (for the most part), it’s time to get back to the re-writing. Or not. I have a short story half finished, and last night got an idea for how to clear it up and bring it to a good conclusion. A lot of the research and ideas I’ve been organising for the novel won’t ever make it in there, but it is impossible to know which one’s will, and which ones will have to wait for another story. As the novel, despite all the progress I’ve made on it, isn’t looking like being finished any time soon, I need to work on finishing some of those short stories and getting them out there, if for no other reason than to prove to myself (and my wife) that writing is more than a hobby. [smile]

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