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Posted by Derek Chamberlain on Sunday, March 4, 2012 Under: Productivity Pro

As followers of this blog will be aware, three weeks ago I declared my intent to become more productive. In order to do that I was going to follow the recommendations given by Sage Cohen in her article, ‘10 Ways To Be A Productivity Pro.’

Over the last three weeks I have been reading and re-reading her article and working on putting some of her recommendations into effect. Over that time I have discovered two things: First, Sage’s advice works; and second, concentrating exclusively on productivity can actually reduce it.

The strategies that I concentrated on were, 01: Have a Strategy, 02: Live, Breathe and Write Your Platform, 06: Create Efficient Systems, and 09: Repeat and Refine What Works. 

Sage encourages each of us to focus on what a productive writing life means to us. She further advises that we look at what we’re doing now and come up with new ideas for how to be more productive in the future. 

Following this advice both helped me to clarify just what it is that I want and to develop a new understanding of where I’m going. Using her tips, I worked out a rough road map of how to achieve the things I want. 

In strategy six, Sage suggests creating efficient systems. I set up a fledgeling database for noting down possible markets, a database for tracking submissions, and a spreadsheet for tracking my daily word count. I’m now aware of just how much writing I’m getting done, and on which projects. Not only does this track what I’m doing, but it encourages me to do more. 

Sage’s advice about keeping one’s darlings and breathing new life into old writing has gotten me to dig out a lot of old stories and take another look at them. With a folder of stories to finish and another of stories to give a final edit and polish to, I have work to be going on with and ideas for new stories keep popping out of those old ones. 

Already I feel more productive, and feeling it gives me the energy to sit down and get to work more faithfully every day. So the last thing I’ve gotten from her advice, though it was advice she never gave, only implied, was my fingers on the keyboard, typing furiously, and that, really, is the most important thing of all.

What have you done recently to improve your productivity?

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