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Posted by Derek Chamberlain on Sunday, October 23, 2011 Under: Novel
First, an apology. Having asked for comments on my previous post, I was surprised to find that the current version of this blog software does not support them. I apologise to all of you who tried to comment and couldn't, and thank all of you who emailed me your comments.

Things have been progressing slowly but steadily over the last week. The new outline and notes that link the disparate sections of Wayfarer have been, if not totally completed, at least progressed to the point where I'm now back working on the text. I don't think there are going to be any awards for my outlining techniques, but having one has been proving to be a blessing. I had shied away from them before because outlining, the way it was taught in school, seemed to kill all creativity. The only time I ever managed to complete a full outline, I never managed to write the story. Everything seemed to have gone into the outline and there was no juice left for the story itself. I wrote the first draft of Wayfarer sans anything but notepaper and a pen, which is most definitely why I'm having so much trouble with the second (and subsequent) drafts. [One of the other reasons, I believe, was because I did the turn-around from writing to editing/rewriting to quickly. I should have let it sit first, but I was in a hurry. Unfortunately, in this case, Less Haste, More Speed, would have worked much better.]

I have finished my second draft of the re-written Yukihime—now titled, The Snow Queen. The original story was partly mythic, partly fantasy with a plot based on a young woman's love for a god. The new story is, I believe, a lot more mythic in tone and intent, and a better story. One more draft, I think, and it will be ready to be sent out into the world. 

For those of you who have expressed interest, my hand is healing nicely and I expect to get the stitches out today which should make typing easier. [grin]

Blessings and happy writing to you all.

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