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Posted by Derek Chamberlain on Friday, February 17, 2012 Under: Productivity Pro
I took Sage's advice to heart and began with Strategy 2: Live, Breathe, and Write Your Platform. 

First I had to define my platform. Not easy. I'm a writer, like a million other people out there. Eventually I narrowed it down a bit and the newly revamped website is the result. It only took me two days to redesign it all. And all the time I was doing that, and the reading I did today on how to blog effectively and how to market one's work and what are the 70 cardinal sins of writing; I was thinking to myself, 'This is great, but, really, am I being productive yet?'

I did some writing, sure, but none of it was on my novel, or even on the dozen short stories I've now got neatly filed (Strategy 6) and waiting for editing or completion. Still, I suppose that'll come tomorrow. I do have a plan, which I will share with you all below, for what to do with my blog. I have an editorial schedule worked out. Efficiency is mine! :) Or not. So, here it is:

Wk 1 : Productivity Pro Monthly Progress Report – how my work is coming along, what I’ve been doing, accomplished, etc.

Wk 2 : Book / Article Review – a review of something recently published or acquired, either on the craft of writing, or that is useful for speculative fiction research

Wk 3 : From the Archives – either previously published articles or blog-posts, or reviews of older material

Wk 4 : On the Web – sites that provide information for writers, either about writing, or that are useful for research

Wk 5 : Sampler – a vignette, poem, or non-writing related article.

There will be other bits in between, updates on the Path to Productivity, but only if it's worth sharing. I've just downloaded a new batch of writing books, so they'll be getting reviews in the upcoming weeks, and, I notice that Sage has actually got a book out about how to be a productive writer, so if I can scrape the funds together (that's a hint for you readers to go click on the donate button) I'll be buying that too, and, of course, reviewing it here.

Live well and write hard.

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