Doubts and Progress

Posted by Derek Chamberlain on Sunday, October 2, 2011 Under: Writing
I hit a wall early last week. I sat down at my computer to start work on Wayfarer and couldn't remember why I was bothering. I wasn't sure where I was going with it, or why I was where I was, or what the point of it all was. 

At least some of that was due to external factors, but another part was the fact that I had never sat down and worked out an outline of the new section, nor really thought about where it fitted within the larger context of the novel. I'd had an idea that seemed perfect for my main character to face and had run with it, originally thinking it would be a short story. It got longer and longer, though, and naturally, when I got tired I couldn't see the goal line because I'd never drawn one. 

I took a couple of days off from working on Wayfarer, though not off of writing. I returned to it with the understanding that I needed to find where it all fit together and started to develop an outline for it, stringing together ideas for where it would fit in the novel and leaping from there to examinations of other factors, like defining what exactly is different about the skill-set of my main character and what the limitations are for what he does, and what other people do. Along the way I discovered why I was writing this section, and where I was going with it. It is now over 16,000 words long.

I also managed to finish the complete re-drafting of Yukihime. It has been set aside until later this week before I start editing it. And I have a couple of article ideas that I'll be working on in the meantime.

The problems I had with Wayfarer were not all bad writing strategy, though, part of it was also a schedule that was too ambitious and left me feeling totally knackered. I spent some time correcting that and hopefully I won't run into the same obstacles again. So, things are progressing, and I'm learning, so the experience wasn't wasted. 

Here's wishing you all a great week and success in your endeavours.

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