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I have just started an Indie Publisher called Black Stump Books in order to get my books out. 

The first book I am releasing is titled, Reaper Hawk: Battle Pits of D’nur. It is a Sword & Sorcery fantasy novella in which a young barbarian warrior leaves his home in search of a name and on a quest for his vanished friends and clan mates. His search for the truth takes him into the Battle-Pits of D'nur where he is forced to fight humans and beasts. His quest leads him into conflict with some of the Empire's most powerful people who are determined to see him dead. Betrayal is met with rough justice, corruption with cleansing fire.

Current release date is for August 15th.

I am planning on doing a cover-reveal for the book on August 1st both here and over on my Black Stump Books site. 

I got my cover from Carlo Neira via  I couldn’t be happier with it.

The initial release will be as a Kindle e-book, but I’m thinking about getting a print edition out either later this year, perhaps in time for Christmas, or next year, depending on sales.

The will be more books coming in the following months, not all of them Sword & Sorcery. 

I will have more information about this and my reasons for going Indie and starting my own publishing business in another post later this week.

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