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Posted by Derek Chamberlain on Sunday, October 16, 2011 Under: Novel
Due to an accident that resulted in me getting stitches in my hand, I wasn't able to do as much writing this last week as I normal do. I did, however, manage to continue my work on my outline and notes linking the new section to the main part of the novel (completely ass-backwards to do it after you've written the section, I know). Part of the result of that was this 'Oracle' which, though incomplete, does cover several of the salient sections, including the latest one. I'd really appreciate comments on this, especially regarding if you think it is too obscure, too obvious, or too boring. Thanks.

If ye wouldst go to any length,
For to topple the Tyrant’s strength;

Seek ye the ancient Keeper’s blade,
World Breaker, for mutual aid.

Amongst the stars a trail lies,
That only Wayfarer’s Talent espies.

To learn that which ye needs must know,
Upon the quest these three must go:

Last Walker; ye must learn to fly,
Upon the paths behind the sky.

Bound maiden; ye must surely go,
A defence against the secret foe.

To weather the approaching gale;
Silvery Captain, ye too must sail.

Afore the ancient Dark ye face,
Its root and seed ye needs must trace.

On the ancient Makers’ world,
Find ye battle-flags unfurled.

'Twere best to avoid the fray
So let beauty have its say

Ye will find rife the battle’s din,
Amongst the distant feline-kin.

There Cosmos-render must ye seek,
In the Temple of Justice, justice wreak.

New darkness ye must needs accost,
Amongst the scions of the lost.

At trial, a weapon ye must found,
Within which a spirit, freely bound.

Beware the shadows of your past,
Lest their darkness bind you fast.

Spread wide wings and freely roam,
Before leading Makers’ children home.

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