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I’ve been submerging myself into Wayfarer, which should be a good thing, and following some of Orson Scott Card’s advice on writing fantasy [from his book, 'How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy', from Writer's Digest Books]. I’ve been going back over the system of occult science I developed for my milieu, collating the various notes to make one comprehensive document; an “Introduction to the Occult Sciences”, written as by an historical figure from my milieu. That has been proving very useful, allowing me to create the guidelines by which the universe operates, and providing historical background to the story, and providing me with an ‘authentic’ text for my characters to reference. 

In order to write this novel I have had to write a treatise on magic, large portions of a history of the universe, the basics of several religious texts, and a biology textbook along the lines of the old Beastiaries, all of which equals about four times as large a word count as the actual novel so far. It’s a good thing I’m not planning on stopping at one novel set in this universe. 

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