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Posted by Derek Chamberlain on Thursday, July 19, 2012 Under: Update
I have been absent from this site for a couple of months, for which my sincerest apologies. By way of explanation, I herniated a disc in my lower back in April and was unable to do anything, let alone keep up my blog. 

At around the same time I discovered that my big plans for a site dedicated to listing the various genre markets was superfluous as there is already a site that does this better than I would be able to at present. (Duotrope) I was also getting incredibly discouraged about where my novel, Wayfarer, was going and the forced hiatus caused by my back problems made me rethink what I was doing there.

Then, in late May, early June, I stumbled across a lecture series being done by Brandon Sanderson and posted on YouTube. This was for his Creative Writing class at Bringham Young University. Those lectures, and the talks he gave at various Cons which were also posted on YouTube, inspired me to try a different style of plot-driven writing. They also told me that a lot of the problems I was having with Wayfarer stemmed from the fact that I had a chronic case of World-Builder's Disease. I decided to put Wayfarer aside for a time and work on some other projects. 

I have, this month, managed to finish the first draft of a new novelette. I'm working towards putting that through the first level of revision by the end of this month with the aim of putting it up on YouWriteOn sometime next month. I live in Japan and don't have access to the sorts of Alpha Readers that Brandon talks about in his lectures. I am hoping that I will be able to use YouWriteOn to fulfil that function instead. 

I'm still using some of the techniques suggested by Sage Cohen in her Productivity Pro article. I'm keeping track of my daily word counts, setting goals, and checking back regularly to see how well I'm accomplishing them. So far things have been progressing well. I'm consistently able to achieve higher levels of productivity than I had expected, and most of it is in new writing rather than in notes and research. 

I'm also listening to Writing Excuses, a podcast done by Dan Wells, Howard Tayler, Brandon Sanderson, and Mary Robinette Kowal. They have a lot of good things to say to the aspiring writer and I cannot recommend the podcast enough.

What have you been doing, listening to, or watching recently that's got you excited?

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